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Maslows Hierarchy Of Needs For Software Developers


A remake of the Maslow’s pyramid, but for software developers.


  • Original pyramid
  • Developer pyramid

Original Pyramid


Developer Pyramid


1. Physiological Needs

  • Env: a comfortable environment, with good chair and coffee!
  • Tools: a quiet computer with a good screen, mouse and keyboard.
  • Process: light processes, iterative instead of waterfall
  • Code: avoid technical debt, and no deprecated frameworks

2. Safety Needs

  • Meaning: your work makes sense, product will be used
  • Wage: the remuneration reflects the work
  • Career: it is possible to progress

3. Social Belonging

  • Vision: project vision is clear
  • Community: belong to a community, not solo developer
  • Manager: manager who actually gets down to work

4. Esteem

  • Recognition: be recognized as an asset
  • Learning: work add experience to developer’s profile
  • Contributor: developer adds value to community

5. Self-actualization

  • Responsibility: to receive responsibility, be in charge
  • Creativity: have the freedom to create your solutions




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